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Aisha’s passion for beauty and the secret behind the science of beauty led her to a quest of sourcing pure raw materials from her native land of Africa and bringing it closer to her customers seeking out pure and virgin products, there by Aromatic Gardens was formed.

Aromatic Gardens, “Make your Own” Natural Products started in the year 2010.  Our oils such are Butters, Waxes, Palm Kennel, Coconut, Grape seed, are sourced from tropical countries.  Partnering with self help women’s groups looking to enrich their lifestyles and fight poverty in rural areas.

Fragrance oils, Essential oils, and botanicals that enrich your skin and hair are pure.

Our service is rated second to none!  We treat every customer on a personal level to understand their needs and requirements sharing tips and experiences.

Our dedication and commitment to our customers is to ensure that we work closely with only the best growers and farmers, especially Africa, India and the Caribbean, helping bring awareness of a clean and healthy environment that is free of pesticides and chemically grown ingredients.

Our ORGANIC food section specializes in carefully selected grains sourced from the rich soil in Africa, Raw cane sugar, honey, Buckwheat, Lentils, Beans to mention a few.

With your continued support, we continue to provide better service and bring you high quality products with ingredients that provide luxurious body care products.


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