Aromatic Gardens takes pride in providing quality service to its customers sharing ideas and tips of crafty products. Our customers have continued to grow every day as they experience the personal service that is delivered by our staff. Send us an email with any concerns and or questions and we respond within 1 business day.

Our Organic products of botanicals and grains are fit for consumption and edible grade. Cane raw sugars, raw honey, beans and oats are amongst these items.

Our Essential oils, sourced from the best extractors and Carrier oils are pure and virgin, untreated from any pesticides. Waxes and butters are mainly vegetable and mostly organic. Orders less than $75 are charged a $25 surcharge fee.

Shipping Policy: This is calculated according to your destination and carrier. All orders are shipped within three (3) business days. Please share your beautiful crafts on our inspiring Facebook page.

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